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Pre K

Heather Pineda
Maha Massad


Julie Reeves
1st Grade A:
Sherry Ritchie
1st Grade B:
April Ross
2nd Grade A:
Laurie Knopick
2nd Grade B:
Kelsey Graham
3rd Grade A:
Kelly Drawdy
3rd Grade B:
Christina Seid
4th Grade A:
Suzanne Kyre
4th Grade B:
Tiffany Morse
5th Grade A:
Meghan Campbell
5th Grade B:
Rhonda Briggs

Middle School and High School

6th Grade A Homeroom:
Christy Kerschner
6th Grade B Homeroom:
Forest Wood
7th Grade A Homeroom:
Laura Pucci
7th Grade B Homeroom:
Tracy Hay
8th Grade A Homeroom:
Linda Cooper
8th Grade B Homeroom:
Gretchen Finewood
9th Grade Homeroom:
Cathy Bray
10th Grade Homeroom:
Carlos Albino
11th/12th Grade Homeroom A:
Tammy Madden
11th/12th Grade Homeroom B:
Jim Scafidi
Middle School English Teacher:
Kathy Curry
High School Math Teacher:
Erick Kroeger
Computer Teacher:
Denise Webster
Music Teacher:
Christy Kerschner
P.E. Teacher:
Andrew Pineda

Administrative and Support Staff

School Secretary:
Joy McDonald
Administrative Assistant:
Jodi Steele
Finance Director:
Judy Staskowski
Athletic Director:
Eric Atherholt
Office Administrator:
Kim Wyman
School Administrator:
Erick Kroeger

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