Philosophy of Athletics

Community Christian School considers participation in athletics to be an integral part of a student’s overall educational experience. Athletics provides opportunities for spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

The mission of the Community Christian School Athletic Department is to provide a competitive interscholastic athletic program for our student athletes. We are committed to building a strong tradition of excellence in our athletes on and off the field. Through the challenges of competition, skill development, and daily physical training, we strive to increase our athletic ability and instill character traits of integrity, determination, self-discipline, accountability, confidence, endurance, leadership, and teamwork. These goals are achieved by stressing Christ, Character, and Commitment throughout our program.

All student athletes, coaches, and individuals involved in the athletic program must work hard, play hard, and honor Him each and every day.

Guiding Principles

Create a winning environment by displaying a positive attitude and providing daily encouragement to those under our leadership. Our student-athletes will respond better when they know we genuinely love and care for them.

Promote honesty, integrity, humility, loyalty, unity, and encouraging total character development of our athletes. These traits are non-negotiable and are essential to building a “TEAM”. This will include all coaches promoting and encouraging the success of other programs, and emphasizing the need to share multi-sport athletes.

Show good sportsmanship, respecting others at all times and under every circumstance. This includes behavior toward coaches, teammates, officials, opposing coaches, opposing players, and fans. Defiance and disrespect are never tolerated in a disciplined program.

Foster a commitment to excellence. Success in athletics is the result of coaches and players going the extra mile. Teams who pay the price in the off-season win championships. We communicate great expectations, provide great instruction, emphasize great fundamentals, and demand great effort.

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