Philosophy of Interscholastic Competition


At Community Christian School we seek to develop and demonstrate individual and team excellence in competitive athletics, while reaching our community for Christ.

Coaching Philosophy

The philosophy of the Community Christian School athletic program is put in to action by our coaches who work to prepare our athletes and teams to be spiritually, physically, and mentally fit. As coaches, the objective is to keep our teams Christ-centered as they train to play the game to the best of their ability and strive for excellence by competing well and playing to win.

Through intentional teaching, CCS coaches show our athletes how to embrace challenges, be gracious competitors, win with humility, handle defeat with dignity, advocate for their sport, and be positive Christian role models.

Coaching Principles

  1. Focus on Building a healthy relational environment
    Because relationships matter to God; they matter to us
  2. Focus upon the inside person over the outside person (win the heart).
    If we win player’s hearts, they will follow us wherever we lead them.
  3. Focus on academic success and good citizenship
    We will keep our priorities clear
  4. Focus upon the long term over the short term.
    We will reap what we sow.
  5. Focus upon the team over the individual; power is in selflessness.
    Selflessness builds; selfishness destroys.
  6. Focus on the developing over the strong; protect those who are hurting.
    We really need each other; everyone is important.
  7. Love is the cornerstone. Love the game, our teammates, and each other.
    Love can conquer hate, but hate cannot conquer love.

CCS Player Expectations

Community Christian School student-athletes perform under the axiom: “Work Hard. Play Hard. Honor Him.” All CCS Student-Athletes are expected to:

  • Honor God and exalt Jesus Christ through athletics.
  • Be ambassadors for Christ and Community Christian School at home and away.
  • Model humility in winning and grace in losing.
  • Commit to working hard to become a better athlete in season and out of season.

CCS Team Goals

  1. Honor the Lord in all that we do.
  2. Work hard to improve ourselves and our team.
  3. Strive for excellence by competing well and playing to win.
  4. Work towards winning a District Championship.

By focusing on goal number one, goals two, three, and four will take care of themselves.

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